EMS Industries

For Our Industries EMS has collated a wide range of products that provide a Complete Robust Cleanroom & Particle Monitoring Solution for your business. We supply the Aerospace & Defense, Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Micro Electronics and Research and Development industries with the most innovative and up to date products along with a complete field service engineer facility. Our Service Department comprises of a team of fully dedicated staff who can assist and respond to all service calls.

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Industries We Serve

EMS provide particulate matter monitoring equipment for multiple industries

Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences

EMS offers a fully integrated Microbial and non-viable monitoring system integrated directly into the Fill line PLC & HMI and the site SCADA.

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Semiconductor / Microelectronics

EMS has a number of liquid and aerosol particle counters for rent or lease. Users will be trained on the equipment on collection or onsite.

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Aerospace & Defense

EMS provide a wide range of high performance, leading edge, particle monitoring equipment in all media types for both Microbial and non-viable.

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Research & Development

We offer a wide range of products such as; Aerosols, Liquids, Microbial, Systems, Electrical and Software.

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Food & Beverage

Environmental monitoring plays a critical role in minimising contamination risk. Continual process monitoring ensures the safe production of products.

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Industrial Manufacturing

We provide a wide range of tests all carried out by trained, responsible, compentent and fexible staff working to documented test procedures.

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