Particle College and Measuring Systems

College Course Overview

EMS Particle College is a 1 day educational seminar covering the fundamentals of:

  • Particle Counting
  • Traditional and real-time Microbial air sampling
  • Molecular Contamination
  • Facility Monitoring Systems
  • Applications in controlled environments via case studies

Course Units Include

(dependent on attendee represented industries)

  • Advanced Light Scattering
  • Advanced Liquid Particle Counting
  • Fundamentals of OPCs (Optical Particle Counters)
  • Introduction of Particle Monitoring in Liquids
  • Microbial Air Sampling Techniques & Regulations
  • Real-time microbiological active air monitoring
  • Molecular Contamination Monitoring
  • Monitoring particles in Air
  • Nanoparticles and their Measurement
  • Particle Counter Calibration
  • Particle Counter Data Interpretation
  • Particle Mechanics
  • Particle Physics
  • Pharmaceutical Liquid Particle Contamination Measurement
  • Particle Transport & Sampling Pharmaceutical legislative Requirements
  • Pharmaceutical Monitoring Applications & Design
  • Recent Advances in Liquid Particle Counting Technology
  • Surface Contamination

Demonstration Descriptions

  • Cleanroom Certification & Products
  • Facility monitoring Systems
  • Liquid Particle Monitoring & Data Analysis
  • Microbial Contamination Monitoring techniques
  • Molecular Contamination Monitoring techniques
  • Liquid Sampling

On-site Particle College

If your company has several employees who would benefit from an introduction to the
EMS Particle College, we also offer customised, on-site, site-specific training on current, topical and site-related issues. We will develop a program to cater to your applications, and experts in contamination monitoring will visit you at your location to deliver interactive presentations and hands-on demonstrations.


Please email Helen Lynham at for further information