AirSentry® II Mobile AMC Detection System

The AirSentry II Mobile AMC Detection System is the first truly mobile system for monitoring airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in cleanrooms quickly and efficiently. Mobility plays an important part within a strategic AMC monitoring program, allowing contamination source locations to be precisely located and quantified, regardless of where they exist in cleanrooms. A local concentration display on the mobile cart provides instant feedback of AMC levels at each monitoring location; even greater data analysis can be obtained with an optional laptop with Facility Net software, which provides data storage and graphical displays to be shown in real‑time while monitoring the specific environment. Onboard, chemically filtered, clean dry air (CDA) and vacuum are supplied within the cart enclosure to ensure that the analyzer can sample a location immediately upon relocation without significant analyzer warm-up time that other analyzers typically incur.



  • Pinpoint AMC hotspots by narrowing in on contamination sources
  • Characterize AMC concentrations in multiple areas of large cleanrooms
  • AMC analyzer available when and where needed – deploy anytime
  • Real-time concentration display


  • Mobile cart – move the system quickly to high-priority sample locations
  • High-sensitivity AirSentry II IMS analyzers detect ammonia, amines, acids, and chlorides compounds
  • Quiet compressor, air-dryer, chemical filter, and vacuum pump
  • Local concentration display
  • Optional laptop and software allows realtime graphing and data storage
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