CLS-700 T Corrosive Liquid Particle Sampler

Chemical process monitoring

Compression sampler combined with a LiQuilaz® particle counter for effective measurement of particles in fluids contained in unpressurized vessels. It is ideally suited for testing effervescent chemicals. The system eliminates bubbles by pressurizing the sample and forcing the bubbles into solution.


  • Uses vacuum to fill sample vessel, then pressurizes to count particles without bubbles
  • Comprised of materials compatible with most process chemicals
  • Enables efficient sampling of chemicals from sample bottles, chemical containers, or process baths


  • 100% view volume of LiQuilaz particle counter means quicker process qualification
  • Real-time characterization and troubleshooting of wafer cleaning process
  • Supports a wide range of applications and chemicals
  • Programmable particle-size thresholds
  • Compression sampling allows instrument to measure most chemicals without false count from bubbles
  • SamplerSight batch sampling software is easy to use, and facilitates data management and reporting

Additional information

Product Type

Batch Sampler


Chemicals, Water


Chemical Distribution, Chemical Manufacturing, Ultrapure Water / DI Water

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