Facility Net Facility Monitoring Software


Facility Net Facility Monitoring Software provides a comprehensive environmental monitoring solution with real-time and historical data display for all Particle Measuring Systems particle counters, molecular contamination monitors and various third-party products. Flexible data display, retrieval and export options coupled with system integration methods enable FacilityNet Software to be used as a standalone monitoring solution or as a sub-component in a larger system of environmental monitoring and building automation products.

FacilityNet Software scales easily to support installations, including anywhere from a single-device up to 250+ sample points on a single real-time station computer. Multiple real-time stations can be networked together into a larger system and viewed from multiple network stations, giving users a simple path for system expansion or to fit complex needs. FacilityNet Software allows you to make configurations from your desk, so you can keep track of data, predict failure and be notified of an alarm.


  • Improved Control
  • Real-time displays immediately highlight process problems
  • Identifies both short- and long-term trends
  • Real-time alarm device control and SMS/paging/email functions notify users of alarm conditions for immediate action Easy to Use
  • Extensive online help guides the operator through each function
  • Setup screens for instrument configuration, alarm condition definition, and report printout schedules reduce setup and maintenance time
  • Simple-to-use icons speed access to key features, improving response time

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