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FacilityPro® Software provides the interface, data management, and reporting for an environmental monitoring system. FacilityPro’s ability to manage viable, nonviable, and environmental data through a common system improves the efficiency of production operations and quality investigations.

With the FacilityPro industrial automation architecture, the data processing is performed by the Processor while the data management, display, and storage are performed by the software. This design approach increases system reliability and data integrity.

The software platform offers a number of intelligent features including data mapping, alarming, reporting, and recipe-driven sampling. Both also offer client software for remote access and viewing of data.

SCADA NG is built on the GE® Proficy® iFIX® SCADA NG platform and Historian database and provides several additional advanced features.


Available in these versions:

  • FacilityPro SCADA NG Server Software:
    Built on the GE® Proficy® iFIX® SCADA platform and Historian database and provides several additional advanced features
  • FacilityPro SMART NG Server Module:
    Standalone module that interfaces with up to two FacilityPro processors
  • Pharmaceutical Net Pro Software:
    A simple monitoring and reporting tool that interfaces with one FacilityPro processor


  • Map for visual indication of viable, nonviable, and environmental status
  • Configurable display
  • Alarm notification and e-signature acknowledgement
  • Configurable reports including audit, statistics, and trend reports
  • Batch identifiers and data filters
  • Automation of sample collection, driven by recipes
  • Cubic-meter algorithms for nonviable data
  • Volume-based or time-based viable sampling
  • Remote data viewing and reporting


  • Designed specifically for pharmaceutical environmental monitoring
  • Integration and control of viable and non-viable sampling
  • High data integrity
  • Ultimate efficiency and reduced error
  • Simple installation and validation
  • Flexible integration


Monitoring of critical environments including:

  • Filling lines
  • Isolators and RABS
  • Blow-Fill-Seal
  • Lyophilizer processes and transfer carts
  • Biosafety cabinets and flow hoods
  • General cleanroom and facility monitoring

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