FacilityPro™ Processor

Central Equipment Hub

FacilityPro is the central equipment hub for an environmental monitoring system. The modular design incorporates processor and power modules and a combination of particle sensors, microbial collection instruments, and analog/digital I/O modules, all in a standard 19” rack. This flexible system can be configured to your specific monitoring requirements, housing and controlling your monitoring instruments in one central location.

Each monitoring module provides necessary vacuum and/or power to the sample points. As your monitoring needs change, additional modules can be added to meet your new requirements. True to traditional industrial automation architecture, the FacilityPro Processor Module acts as the control system. It receives all sensor inputs, consolidates and analyzes environmental data, and manages alarm triggers and outputs. FacilityPro SCADA, based on GE Proficy iFix, provides the supervisory control, including the graphical operator interface, system configuration, audit trails, and data/trend reports.


  • Modular hardware design for flexibility and simple upgrades
  • Industrial automation architecture for robustness
  • GE Proficy iFix-based SCADA software package
  • 19” rack configuration for quick installation
  • Automated sampling/batch control
  • 21 CFR Part 11-compliant data storage and reporting
  • E-signatures


  • Particle count monitoring
  • Microbial sampling (media plates and RMM)
  • Differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, airflow velocity, and other analog environmental monitoring

Supporting Materials