HPGP-101-C High Pressure Gas Probe

Sensitivity range: 0.1 – 5.0 µm

Reliable in-line contamination monitoring

The HPGP-101-C High Pressure Gas Probe System provides reliable in-line contamination monitoring for process gases at line pressure. The High Pressure Gas Probe System is compatible with oxygen, hydrogen and most non-toxic gases, and it can be used in many reactive gas monitoring applications.


  • Safety containment vessel
  • Oxygen and hydrogen compatibility
  • 0.1μm sensitivity at 0.1SCFM
  • Eight particle channels
  • Line pressures from 40 to 150psig
  • Passive laser cavity
  • Parallel processing array detector system


  • Verifies gas quality
  • Detects process upsets
  • Quantifies impact of system changes
  • Provides accurate particle sizing
  • Uses Facility Net Software for comprehensive data storage, management, reports and alarms
  • Passive cavity design requires infrequent maintenance
  • Inert gas purge ensures safety
  • Leakage of sample gas to vessel discontinues power to electronics


  • Qualification of gas distribution systems
  • Process gas monitoring
  • Reactive gas monitoring

Additional information

Product Type

Fixed Location


Air, Compressed Gases


Production Monitoring

Smallest Particle Size

0.1 µm

Flow Rate

0.1 cfm

Supporting Materials