HSLIS e-Series Liquid Particle Counter

The HSLIS e-Series (High Sensitivity Liquid In Situ) particle counter provides continuous, real-time monitoring of contamination levels in DI water and process chemicals. The combination of high sensitivity and low cost makes it ideal when large numbers of sensors and/or long term trending are required. The HSLIS e-Series has sizing sensitivity down to 0.05 microns in DI water and 0.065 microns in process chemicals. Integration of the HSLIS e-Series into Particle Measuring Systems’ Facility Net software provides an economical way to monitor multiple flow systems and provide dedicated local display and control capabilities.

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  • Monitor for long term trends in fluid quality
  • Lower overall costs with the control and monitoring of multiple particle counters with Ethernet networks
  • Low initial capital investment and lower maintenance cost with proven reliability of the HSLIS design

HSLIS e-Series with Facility Net

  • Existing network can be utilized with Ethernet communication to Facility Net software
  • Tabular and statistical process control (SPC) charts for detailed statistical information
  • Alphanumeric paging and e-mailing functions to alert operator of data excursions
  • Sensor status displays four-level alarm for monitoring out-of-spec condition
  • Simplified data interpretation with real-time and retrieved data time plots


  • Quantifying particle concentrations in DI water systems
  • Monitoring chemical delivery systems
  • Measuring filter efficiency
  • Detecting bacterial growth in DI water systems
  • Episodic event tracking and alarming
  • Continuous system monitoring

Download PDF SpecSheet

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