IsoAir® Pro-E

0.3 – 5.0 µm; 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM)

A compact, VHP resistant remote particle counter.

The IsoAir® Pro-E Remote Particle Counter from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is an effective piece of a Contamination Control Strategy using the latest technologies to streamline cleanroom monitoring while meeting global regulations including EU GMP Annex 1, ISO 14644-2, and part of a 21CFR Part 11 solution. This remote particle counter has all the features you need for reliable particle monitoring in your clean area are built into a simple but powerful package.


  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Eight customer selectable channel sizes with 2-channel Pharmaceutical mode
  • Flow rate of 1.0 CFM
  • IP65 rated 316L stainless steel enclosure
  • Built in blower with HEPA-filtered exhaust
  • Automatic shut-off for capped probe
  • Compliance with ISO 21501-4:2018 and CE standards, optional ISO 17025
  • Two local LEDs for status and activity
  • PMS Ethernet or MODBUS communications


  • Quick alert of contamination issues from real-time particle monitoring system
  • Effective component of a Contamination Control Strategy (CCS)
  • Trustworthy: Essentially no risk of data loss: saves 3,ooo samples to protect your data in the event of communications outage
  • Communications via Modbus or PMS protocol
  • Leading particle monitoring system integration: Interfaces with Particle Measuring Systems’ FacilityPro SCADA Software, Pharmaceutical Net Pro or Facility Net software for comprehensive data management
  • Quick release mounting bracket simplifies the calibration and servicing process
  • Reduced installation time and reduced risk of errors with data saved in mounting bracket
  • Cost effective cleanroom monitoring: No central vacuum system required
  • Chemically resistant IP 65 rated stainless-steel enclosure
  • Long life laser diode reduces long-term maintenance time and costs
  • Flexibility on ISP mounting increases installation options and reduces installation costs


  • Particle monitoring system for pharmaceutical manufacturing area
  • Isolator particle monitoring
  • Cleanroom particle monitoring system
  • Aerospace and industrial applications

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Fixed Location, In-line, Point of Use




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