LiQuilaz® II Liquid Particle Counter S Series

S02: 0.2 – 2.0 µm, S03: 0.3 – 3.0 µm, S05: 0.5 – 20.0 µm

Models S02, S03, S05

The LiQuilaz® optical particle counters are volumetric particle counters with a variety of sizing sensitivities as low as 0.2 μm. They provide high-precision analysis for most process chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid and hot corrosive chemicals up to 306 °F (150 °C).

Volumetric particle counters offer the highest precision possible by measuring 100% sample volumes (up to 80 ml/min) so that short sampling intervals can be utilized without sacrificing statistical significance.


  • 0.2 – 20.0 μm size range
  • Up to 80 ml/min flow rate
  • Compatible with a wide range of process chemicals
  • Small footprint for easy placement anywhere in the process
  • User-selected particle size threshold


  • Real-time characterization and analysis of particle contamination allows for immediate response to contamination
  • Volumetric measurements provide greater accuracy for tighter process control
  • Optional software makes process control easy with alarm settings, status conditions, sampler setup, and online help
  • Supports a wide range of applications and fluids
  • Works with compression or syringe samplers
  • Compatible with various tubing standards
  • In-line and batch sampling capabilities
  • RS-485 and Ethernet networking compatibility
  • Small footprint for easy placement anywhere in the process
  • Flexible software provides numerous viewing options for real-time or retrieved data
  • User-selectable particle size thresholds


  • Effervescent chemical measurements using compression sampling
  • Chemical quality assurance
  • Process bath monitoring
  • DI water monitoring
  • Chemical delivery systems
  • Photoresist monitoring

Additional information

Product Type

Batch Sampler, In-line, Parts Cleanliness Testing


Chemicals, Water


Chemical Distribution, Chemical Manufacturing, Injectable Product Test, Parts Cleaning, Ultrapure Water / DI Water, Water for Injection

Smallest Particle Size


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