MiniCapt™ Mobile Microbial Air Sampler

Sensitivity: 1 cfu

The MiniCapt Portable Microbial Sampler enables collection of biocontamination samples throughout cleanrooms and clean air facilities. The slits in the BioCapt™ Impactor Head are precision cut to ensure laminar flow, thus maximizing collection efficiencies for viable particles of interest in accordance with ISO 14698-1. Biological efficiency is guaranteed by ensuring optimal impaction velocity, also giving statistical control over false positive results.

Sampling intervals are completely customizable by the user to start and stop multiple times per run so the entire process can be monitored. The fully autoclavable BioCapt Impactor Head, highly sanitizable sampler case, and HEPA filtered outlet air ensure that the MiniCapt Portable Microbial Sampler does not contaminate the cleanroom environment.
Monitoring of compressed gases or remote sampling of aseptic environments is possible with the purchase of the optional compressed gases kit or isolator kit.

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Makes the Job Easier – The MiniCapt Mobile Microbial Air Sampler simplifies the job of microbial air sampling by applying modern data management capabilities that save time and reduce operator error in air sampling data. The sampler incorporates a capacitive touchscreen, allowing easy use with gloves without the need for a stylus.

Reduced Errors with the intuitive user interface that is icon-driven with multiple levels of security and allow the use of pre-configured recipes to avoid possible sampling errors.

Does Not Contaminate the cleanroom through the use of a unique HEPA-filtered exhaust. The autoclavable BioCapt® Microbial Impactor and sanitizable enclosure are ideally suited for aseptic environments.

Flexibility of using one sampler for multiple sampling applications including monitoring Compressed Gas, Remote Isolator sampling and the ability to connect to the BioCapt and BioCapt Single-Use Microbial Impactor.
False-Positive Identification can reduce investigation costs through the use of the BioCapt’s radial slit design. The inlets of the Impactor Head are precision cut to ensure laminar flow, thus maximizing collection and biological efficiencies in accordance with ISO 14698-1.


  • Validated to ISO 14698-1: Biocontamination Control of Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments
  • High physical and biological collection efficiency calculated per ISO 14698-1/ Annex B
  • Compliant with cGMP, GAMP®, and pharmacopeial regulatory requirements
  • 100 L/min and 50 L/min flow rates ensure sample volume is collected quickly enough to avoid physical or chemical degradation of the collection medium
  • Autoclavable BioCapt Impactor Head; sampler control module is easily sanitized
  • Optimal slit design in BioCapt Impactor Head ensures laminar flow and that microorganisms are undamaged during sampling
  • Immediate detection of false positives
  • Minimal contamination from operator
  • HEPA filtered outlet air does not contaminate the cleanroom or clean air devices
  • Removable pin set allows for a variety of different plates to be used


  • Cleanroom biocontamination monitoring
  • Compressed gases or isolator monitoring (Requires optional compressed gases kit or optional isolator kit.)
  • USP 797 environmental viable airborne particle testing
  • Generate baseline biocontamination data for newly constructed and commissioned installations
  • Troubleshooting particle excursions
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