MiniCapt® Remote Microbial Air Sampler

Makes the Job Easier by using the Minicapt® Remote Microbial Air Sampler to perform automated sampling without the need for a mobile sampler or a central vacuum source. Reduced Errors – The Minicapt® Remote Air Sampler communicates with a FacilityPro® system or other existing monitoring system to allow for remote control and operation of the air sampling process. Remote sampling automation eliminates operator errors from incorrect sampling procedures and manual data recording.

Does Not Contaminate the cleanroom by using a HEPA-filtered exhaust. The stainless steel enclosure can be sanitized with most common cleanroom chemicals and the sealed power and Ethernet connectors prevent possible damage to these critical connections. Flexibility of using one sampler for multiple sampling applications including monitoring Compressed Gas, Remote Isolator sampling as well as the ability to connect to the BioCapt® and BioCapt Single-Use Microbial Impactors.

False-Positive Identification can reduce investigation costs through the use of the BioCapt’s radial slit design. The inlets of the Impactor Head are precision cut to ensure laminar flow, thus maximizing collection and biological efficiencies in accordance with ISO 14698-1.

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