Particle Sensor Safety Cabinet


Liquid leak detector

Houses the chemical particle sensor, detects chemical leaks with an external alarm, and provides secondary containment when a leak occurs. In the event of a chemical leak within the chemical particle counter or sample connections, the system will automatically detect the leak, shut off inlet and outlet sample valves, turn off power to the particle sensor, and provide an external alarm contact.


  • Secondary containment, polypropylene construction
  • Intended for sampling of ambient temperature process chemicals between 15 to 40 °C
  • Liquid leak detector
  • Safety cut-off switch
  • External leak alarm light with external contact closure allows leak alarm communication to external systems
  • Inlet and outlet sample shut-off valves
  • PFA Bubble Separator to remove large bubbles
  • Clear top access door with door interlock
  • Controlled power supply to the chemical particle counter
  • Two pairs of side-mounted handles


  • Provides safe containment of the chemical particle sensor
  • Auto detection of chemical leak with alarms
  • Enables safety shut-off of chemical sample lines during alarm conditions


Particle monitoring of:

  • Chemical distribution systems
  • Semiconductor process tools
  • High-purity chemical packaging plants

Supporting Materials