SamplerSight Pharma Software


SamplerSight Pharma Software controls syringe-operated samplers and collects data from a LiQuilaz particle sensor. SamplerSight Pharma Software allows operators to manage sampling requirements for batch-based operations and provides a comprehensive view of the batch information with histogram, time plot and tabular data presented in an easy to use format that is easily reported. SamplerSight-Pharma features a validatable, user-friendly, Windows-based software with context-sensitive help.

Database filtering functions based on ch/Lot/Location give fast response to database queries and sample reporting, and multiple user defined sample configurations reduce set-up time between batches of different types. USP 788 sensor calibration is easily accomplished in 20 to 30 minutes using the Calibration Wizard. SamplerSight Pharma Software is fully 21CFR Part 11 compliant, and the help and users manuals are available from within the software itself. A Validation manual including IQ/OQ/PQ documentation is included with the software.


  • Saving/reloading recipes reduces time to certify your cleanroom is error free, so you can make the right decisions and move onto another process
  • Control cleanroom monitoring remotely via web browser: set-up, sample, display, print, download data and upload sample recipes without having to re-enter the cleanroom comprehensive data management
  • Data download to Excel or USB flash memory key
  • Use same particle counter for ISO Class 1-9 applications
  • Eliminates need for frequent, costly laser cleaning
  • Optional critical orifice configuration can use house vacuum for aerosol manifold applications

Supporting Materials