SLS-20 Syringe Liquid Sampler

Sensitivity range: 40 nm to 150 μm

For batch sampling applications of Chem 20 and Chem 20-HI particle counters

The SLS-20 Syringe Liquid Sampler enables Chem 20TM or Chem 20TM-HI particle counters to operate in batch sampling applications. It is ideal for precise, small-volume sampling.

The system consists of an SLS-20 for either corrosive or non-corrosive liquids, all connections necessary to interface with a compatible Chem 20 or Chem 20-HI particle counter and software.


  • With SamplerSight software, includes data generation into pre-formatted report types and spreadsheets
  • Internal leak detection
  • Repeatable recipes for consistent sampling parameters
  • Software for data collection and trending
  • Optional password security


  • 20 nm sensitivity provides unmatched level of process, chemical and filter monitoring
  • Fluoropolymer syringe standard for use with HF
  • Minimal chemical volume used
  • Fully automated system
  • Menu-driven data collection
  • Extremely accurate measurements
  • Compatible with corrosive and non-corrosive liquids


  • Small volume chemical quality assurance
  • Parts cleanliness testing
  • Laboratory water sampling
  • Industries: semiconductor, pharmaceutical, data storage, medical, aerospace, automotive
  • Sampling chemical out of finished product packaging
  • Sampling out of wet process tanks for process and filter monitoring

Additional information

Product Type

Batch Sampler




Chemical Distribution, Chemical Manufacturing

Smallest Particle Size


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