Surfex® Parts Cleanliness Testing Station



Know whether or not your parts are truly clean

The Surfex® Testing Station is a completely integrated ultrasonic tank that measures particle levels on almost any type of complexly shaped part.

The Surfex Testing Station combines ultrasonic extraction, particle measurement, high-purity fluidics, and automated software control to reduce testing time, and therefore reduce the cost of parts testing. A wide range of options customizes the Surfex Testing Station for your unique application.

High throughput provides the ability to increase the number of tests performed, and therefore increases the confidence that out-of-spec parts are identified before they adversely affect final product quality.

The system is specially designed to count particles on small complex devices, irregular-shaped parts, consumables and components typical of the semiconductor, data storage, automotive, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Achieve constant sampling of products in fluid, and test hundreds of parts in one automated process. Particle counting is performed with a LiQuilaz Particle Counter or UltraChem 100 Particle Counter and archived with custom software.

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