Facility Monitoring Systems (FMS)

EMS Particle Counters

Facility & Environmental Monitoring Systems in Ireland

Facility Monitoring Systems, also known as Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) are used to monitor key manufacturing processes, ensure regulatory compliance and increase product yield.

Effective FMS solutions provide essential continuous monitoring of facilities in various industries requiring critical cleanroom management including the aseptic and controlled environments of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, defense and microelectronics manufacturing.

The FMS monitors the status of a facility through the use of a combination of fixed and portable instruments for viable and non-viable particles, as well as other environmental sensors for pressure, temperature, relative humidity etc. An industrial architecture design, combining robust IT hardware and processors with a range of software options ensures compliance, data security and system availability.

From User Requirement Specification (URS) through design and implementation to validation and training, we work in close collaboration with our client and their teams to deliver the optimum system on-time and on-budget.

EMS Particle Solutions offers over 30 years experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and microelectronics sectors and work closely with our clients as an ongoing service and support partner.

Illustrated image of FMS sections