Semiconductor / Microelectronics / Chemical Companies

Contamination Control & Particle Counting for a range of industries

EMS can provide both the expertise and the required particle counting sensitivity for your process through using high-performance laser particle counters for essential continuous or batch monitoring.

Particle Measuring Systems products provide the highest particle counting sensitivity for chemicals, DI water, and airborne applications. EMS exclusively supply and support these industry leading products in the UK & Ireland.

Our products for use in these industries include Chemical Products, Airborne Molecular Contamination Products, Gas Products, Aerosol Products and Ultra-Pure Water Products.

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Ultra Pure Water

Image of chart showing ultra pure water range

Ultra Pure Water Products

Chemicals ≥ 20nm

Image chart for chemical products range and sensitivity

Chemical Products

Aerosol ≥ 10nm

Image of chart showing aerosol sensitivity range

Aerosol Products